Доставляем товары в каждый город нашей Беларуси, а также и в любую точку мира!

Варианты доставки Стоимость доставки и сроки Способ оплаты
Expedited shippingDoor-to-door delivery in Brest is carried out by our express delivery service FREE OF CHARGE. Term of delivery: 1 dayonline payment by card: Visa/Mastercard
Delivery at place or door-to-door DPDWhen you place an order, you can see the cost and term of delivery. After sending the parcel, we will provide you with a track number to check its delivery statusonline payment by card: Visa/Mastercard
Delivery by mailRUE "Belpochta" delivery to your local post office. You can check the cost of delivery at the time of ordering. Term of delivery: minimum 5 working days depending on the distance-online payment by card: Visa/Mastercard
-наложенный платеж